Camera Crew Hire

Camera Crew Hire

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The different roles of every member of a typical camera crew:

A camera crew or videography team does more than simply pointing a camera in the right direction and hitting the film button. For example, a typical camera crew consists of a few members all responsible for a different aspect of the filming process. Typically a film production’s camera crew will have a director of photography. The director of photography is the leader of the camera crew. He will take care of various elements, such as lighting, set up and creating the scene as the director wants it. After the director of photography, there is the camera operator. This is the man who works the camera. Sometimes the director of photography will also assume this role. The first assistant camera man manages the maintenance of the camera equipment and moves cameras around from shot to shot. Second assistant camera man operates the clapperboard in the beginning of each scene and marks where actors will be performing. There is also a loader, digital imaging technician, a steadicam operator and a camera production assistant. Videographers Cape Town will not need all off these rolls filled when working on certain videography projects like filming private events, for instance. In such cases, however, the videographer Cape Town will still have a camera crew put together to assist with the elements that fall into private videography. Lighting, angle, work flow, set up, sound and moving cameras around all form part of what a videographer Cape Town does. There are many unseen factors that go into quality videography. We see the final cut. The finished work. The unseen elements of what a professional videographer does to ensure quality video content is best left to the professionals.

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